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Hot as Hell 6: Rae's Recruit

Sheela and Cyanide bring you another steamy tale from the Hot as Hell club, and this time, we're finally catching up with the pair that launched the whole series!

Enjoy the show as out protragonist makes his way back to the Hot as Hell club for another intense night that he's sure never to forget-- Rae will make sure of that!

♥ 22 pages of crisp 4K, full color fun by Sheela!
♥ Rae is back, and more bodacious than ever!
♥ More woman that one shrinking boy can handle!
♥ Tits, thighs, pussy, mouth, feet, he's smothered by it all!
♥ Orgasm milking - Rae's gonna make sure she gets every drop!
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Product Details:
Producer: Sheela
22 HQ Photos
3333x4000 pdf
comic, sheela, cyanide, tits, breasts, boobs, giantess, shrinking, succubus, monster girl, insertion, blowjob, tit smothering, inside mouth, open mouth, micro, tail, size difference, slow shrinking, doll, nipples, nipple, fantasy, curves, mouth play, feet

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