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My Bossy Girlfriend: Chapter One

Jim's been afraid to tell his dominant girlfriend about his secret ability... the power to shrink himself down to a tiny size! In a playful, sexual, bossy manner, Mary forces and strokes her smelly feet upon Jim's face and erection, demanding to be told the truth or else! To her great surprise, he shrinks himself and there's a shrunken clone of his girlfriend which she uses to double dominate him. Before he knows what hits him, he struggles for air while being slid in and out of her throat in a careless grasp between her fingers, he gets shafed against her hard nipples for her pleasure, scrunched by her toes for her amusement, and then thrown onto her cunt. Will Jim survive until the next chapter? Find out today!

♥ Maskray begins a new comic series featuring a BOSSY GIRLFRIEND!
♥ Watch Mary humiliate and sexually torture Jim in MANY WAYS!
♥ She forces her smelly feet on Jim's face and erection before he shrinks!
♥ He struggles for survival as she carelessly plays with him all over her body!
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Product Details:
Producer: Maskray
16 HQ Photos
1084x1542 pdf
artwork, comic, bossy, dominant, girlfriend, couple, shrunken man, boyfriend, humiliation

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