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3K 360 VR A Bug that wants to Get Crushed!

What's going on here little buggy? I just put you back outside yesterday. Once again you've come inside and went right to my dirtiest pair of shoes. Tell me - are you attracted to Giant girl's feet? Is that what this is all about? Or maybe you just so happen to be one of my fans that figured out how to shrink yourself down? So you came over to my place, shrank yourself down, but something went wrong... when you shrank you turned into a bug because what else living thing is bug sized except for bugs? Or maybe you're just a little buggy boy that just can't get enough of the scent of my soles.

Do my feet turn you on? Mmmm... I wonder... do you just like to look, smell, and touch... or do you want to get crushed? Let's put you down here and see how you react!

You're not running away. Let's see if you change your mind when I put my sandals on. Still there... hmm! Let's see if you change your mind when I walk over you, back and forth, high above you, nearly crushing you. LOL! You're still there!! Are you getting off to this? Do bugs masturbate? LOL!

Well now I want to crush you! Come on... make a giant girl happy... give me the pleasure I feel when I crush a bug!!

Note: I have a love/hate relationship with shooting/producing VR. They seem to be a hit, releasable at a discount, or trash. (In my opinion- I have high standards) This video is discounted because the stitch line is definitely noticeable at a few parts, which I find to be extra distracting when it comes to feet/toes, and the camera fell over a few times.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:02 minutes
2880x1440 mp4
360, vr, crush, close up, pov, walk over, dirty, sandals, footsteps, soles, bare feet

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