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3K 360 VR Bikini Bae Voreplay

Are you ready to get in this body? Before I swallow you, send you deep into my sexy stomach, let's give you a little tan tease... ohhhh yeahhh! You love being there, between my legs, looking up my sexy sexy stomach, being under my ass, admiring my sexy bikini body as I rub some more sunscreen into my soft tan skin... yeahhh! Mmmmm... should I bring you closer to my stomach? Yeah, I should... ;)

OHhh, so close, so close. I'm so ready to swallow you whole, digesting inside of me, while I'm getting my tan game going on... you can't take your eyes off my body. Looking at my big boobs, my butt, legs, soles, belly, face, hands, everrrryyything. Take it all in...

I'm so going to get off after I swallow you. See how horny my pussy looks? I'm going to get myself off so hard... now you're going into my body. We both want this. Innnn, innnn, innnn you go!! Mmmmhhhh!

Video theme is focused on full body vore foreplay dialogue and worship. Inside mouth shot is 12 seconds.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:08 minutes
2880x1440 mp4
vr, 360, bikini, vore, belly, full body, cleavage, tan, butt, thighs, between, legs, sky,summer, hot, sweat, soles, nipples, boobs, barefoot, feet, outside, outdoors, patio, fetish video, giantess katelyn, katelyn brooks


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  1. sassycat01's Avatar
    Good job. The camera placement was perfect, the lighting was perfect and of course....the giantess perfect. This has quickly made my number 1 VR favorite! Good job and keep up the good work!

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