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Journey to the Center of Charley

The government has recently invented a mind control and shrinking device. They plan to use this to capture and interrogate high value targets without harming them physically or mentally. Charley is as a spy, who has been stealing and selling classified intel. She has been brought in to be tested on by the new technology. Charley has no clue what the government has in store for her. Charley, currently out cold, is in bed in a government room. A few tiny ships have been released into the room to try and get inside Charley's head. Three ships head to Charley and decides to explore her body. One ship by her feet, her breasts, and her face.

They explore her body for awhile, but get a call from Headquarters to start heading inside her body. As the three ships prepare to go up her nose, one ship gets swallowed up. The two ships enter her nose. They try to control Charley, but they need more power. The jolt caused by the machines wake Charley up. Charley wakes up with a massive headache. She holds her head, and the pain went away. She's confused of what that was all about. She's also confused on where she's at.

She starts to walk around the room, looking around. HQ calls the ships in Charley's head and ask what the matter was. The ships requested more ships to get inside of her. One more ship was sent out. Charley is walking around, unaware of the ship flying around her. The ship get a closer look at Charley, but was soon directed to enter her and look for the perished one. Charley swallows and chokes on it. She has some trouble trying to get it out. After, she coughs out the ship. The ship falls to the ground. Charley went to examine the mysterious thing. She looks at the ship and realizes that it's the government. She gets up and crushes the ship. Finally, she knows what's going on. She stands up and looks around for more ships. Two new ships come as reinforcements. She sees the two ships heading straight for her, but it's two late. They shoot straight up into to her nose.

She feels them going up her nose. She's yelling for them to get out of her head. She complains and suddenly she feels the pain in her head; the mind control machine is turned on, but it's not enough! They request one more ship to get the job done, but having Charley awake will be too hard. The ships in her head have enough power to put her to sleep. They shut her brain off. Charley starts to feel tired, and she says, "damn you get out of my head!" She collapses onto the floor. One more ship comes out and flies over to Charley's lifeless body. The ship explores her feet more and breasts. After Awhile, the ship starts to fly up her nose. All ships turn on the mind control device. Charley opens her eyes suddenly, but it's not her; it's the government. They are in full control.

She gets up and plays with her own body seductively in front of the mirror. She says, "that's right. This is what you get for Selling secrets." She continues to play with herself using some fruits and food she finds in the room. Finally. We have her under control.


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
15:36 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, mouth, unaware, tongue, endoscope, shrunken planes, soles, feet, between fingers

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