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Goddess Charley's creamy tit worship

Charley's tiny slave, peers up at his sleeping Goddess. He can't resist and soon crawls over her body and into her cleavage. His Goddess awakes feeling something squirming in-between her mountainous boobs and soon drags him out, unhappy that he went in there without her express permission.

Charley considers what to do with him, but luckily for him she was due to give him a treat anyway today so will forgive this transgression. What follows is a number of liberal applications of spray cream onto her tits and she puts on a show of her slave as her tits are slathered, squeezed, teased, rubbed, stroked, grabbed and slapped together as she towers above him.

He finally gets added into the mix and is allowed on her tits and she rubs him and the cream all over herself. Now she's indulged him in his fantasy, she wan't to take pleasure in hers... to swallow him while he is still whole and alive inside of her beautiful body. Not only does her slave consent to this, she can see all this talk of being swallowed alive has caused a tiny erection. Usually her slaves are terrified at the thought of being consumed, it seems so unusual that this one is actually getting aroused at the thought of her swallowing him inside her.

Charley encourages him to masturbate his cock into her giant, waiting mouth to feed her his cum, before she feeds on the rest of him. He soon follows his cum into her waiting mouth where he's sucked and savored until his Goddess has teased herself enough and sends him down her throat into her waiting belly to nourish the body of his Goddess.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
24:48 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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