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4K 360 VR Inquiry in Pink

College student Janine is doing a research project on the sexuality of lesser, human-like species. Species like yours. She holds you in a plastic cage, along with three other tiny people.

She seems nice at first, speaking gently and offering food in exchange for cooperation. But it soon becomes clear that her instuctions will not be so easy to follow. She tells you to strip, then pushes you onto a bed along with a woman you had just met and orders you to fuck.

You do as you're told, shamefully enjoying it. So does Janine. Clearly aroused by the display, her commands become more and more depraved until your fellow captives refuse to obey. That's when you discover that participation is anything but voluntary.

♥ 18 minutes of POV in 4k 360 VR (55 illustrations with audio)
♥ Illustrated by SorenZer0
♥ Professional narration and voice acting by April Would
♥ Shrunken men, shrunken women, screams, gore, and sound fx!


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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
18:36 minutes
3840x2160 mp4
vr, story, illustration, artwork, shrunken woman, pussy, sex, anal, shrunken man, study, cage, audio, table, glasses, test, experiment, hands, fingers, bracelets, moan, fucking, nudity, breasts, nipples, boobs, bed, cum, blowjob, force, resist


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