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Hidden inside of a Spy's Stomach

Secret agent Katelyn is on assignment, testing high-tech spy gear. Where did you think I got all this shrinking stuff from?

Today's test? Experimental digestion-altering tech that will allow me to, for instance, detain, transport, or, you know, abduct people without a trace by keeping them inside my stomach, without the unfortunate side-effect of dissolving their tiny bodies into... well, more of mine.

I guess 'unfortunate' might be the wrong word~

'Potentially inconvenient'? Maybe.

While I'm not intending for this guy to be a meal, I still can't resist toying with him like one - dominating his tiny, helpless little body with my massive, powerful lips and tongue? Ahhh~, feeling a shrunken snack squirm never gets old.

Even when hoping he won't become food, swallowing him is as pleasing as ever. I really can't help but caress all those toned, supple curves he... won't be adding to. Ah well. I can enjoy my work, can't I?

My little test subject has to climb his way back up my throat, and I have to lie down for him to do so. ...What? Did you really think a man could escape my body alive without my help? HA! You're funny,, you really are!

Do I have to spread my legs to help him? No. I don't have to fondle my tits, either, but I repeat; I like to enjoy my work.

Test successful, it's time to celebrate with a glass of wine which... I am of course going to dip him into - It adds my favourite flavor; Man.

A touch of slow motion has been added to some of the mouth closeups.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:00 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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