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Caught Watching Porn on the Clock - Boss' Butt Crush

Like the pantiless view? Yeah. You thought I was unaware that you've been watching porn while you were working for me. You noticed I was keeping a closer eye on you and when I gave you a promotion today the expression on your face was of pure relief. Ha. Priceless... and to top it off, I invited over to celebrate with wine!

Have you ever seen a movie where the victim was tricked and his drink was laced? That's what just happened to you! It was a shrinking potion and now I'm going to crush you with my bare ass for wasting my time, my money, my resources. 3... 2... 1...

The ass crush plays in slow motion!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
4:42 minutes
3840x2160 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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