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Shrunk, Caught and Consumed by Sister

Dani's shrunken brother hides under the furniture as his sister hunts him down. He was hoping to be able to hide from her until their parents got back, but now finds himself cliched in his sisters fist as Dani delights in telling him that he's now her property to do with as she pleases and no-ones coming to rescue him. Dani's always liked playing games and the first one... will be played at her feet.

Given the choice to either live in humiliation and wank over her feet. Or he can keep his dignity, but his life will end like a bug, squeezed out and squished to death under her bare sole. Much to her delight, he's so desperate to stay alive he starts jerking off as she constantly humiliated and threatens him. It's not enough for Dani and he soon finds himself lifted up to her face. She wants to taste his humiliation so he better work up a good load for her to taste because either him or his cum will be going down her throat. He better pray it's just his cum she'll swallow.

He looks into Dani's wide open mouth as he cums and soon finds himself licked and savoured, ending up inside her mouth as he wonders is he's going to be swallowed alive. He instead finds himself drooled out and dropped into her panties as he's rubbed and played with until finally Dani decides to finger him inside her. His giant sister is soon brought to a shuddering orgasm. As his limp, cum soaked body is fished out she thinks he's dead.

Just as he's about to be dropped into her mouth he wakes up and screams. Dani pauses and apologies, she thought he was dead, he was literally seconds away from being eaten. But now she knows he's still alive, what should she do with him to make sure their parents never find out what went on today.......


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
27:30 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, shrunken man, floor view, humiliation, joi, sister, topless, panties, masturbation, brother, barefoot, toes, blonde, degrading, shaming, jack off instruction, stomach, belly, boobs, nipples, danielle maye

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