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Predatory Party Girl

Ava's husband is away and she's just come home from a night out with the girls. No one noticed as Ava went round the club, dropping shrinking pills into men's drinks and picking them up off the bar floor and stuffing them into her knickers. Now she sits in her living room with a bunch of men squirming against her pussy in her semi-transparent knickers.

One by one the first few are pulled out individually. Ava explains that her version of foreplay, is to feel a man on her huge, wet tongue where she can hear him literally beg for his life. Nothing soaks her pussy quite as much as feeling a terrified man, desperately trying to cling onto her wet, slippy tongue as he screams his way to the back of her throat.

She moans in pleasure as she feels each person, screaming as they slip over the edge and go inside her while they're still alive. Her pussy is drenched as the remaining men have no-where to run as her giant hand slips into her knickers and stuffs them into her cunt.

She angrily fucks her pussy talking about all the men inside of her squirming as she demands to be made to cum. Once she's finished she contemplates just leaving them in there to die, but decides there's a better way to finish with them.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
19:02 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken people, inside panty, masturbation, vore, long tongue, between fingers, pink nails, manicure, blue eyes, red lips, between legs, open mouth, moaning, big boobs, bent over, thong, tattoo, tattoos, tattooed, fingering, Ava Austin

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