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Longing to Sacrifice yourself for a Giantess' Hunger: Full Version

Available in 3 versions: Full, Part 1, and Part Two. This is the full version.

Katelyn stimulates her appetite with a little bug boy that got into her lemon loaf. However, she very well might burp him back up... and on top of that, she gets the hiccups too! Meanwhile, Katelyn treats the shrunken man to a good play in her cleavage!

When the gas completely subsides (at 7 min), Katelyn licks the shrunken man. The only time she plays with her food is when she going to eat a shrunken man. Even ladies have secrets too, she remarks.

Thoughtfully, she asks "Are you still hungry?" "Are you comfortable?" Immedietly followed with a very light, pleasant laugh, she jokes ... "Why am I even asking you? You're getting eaten anyway!" along with a first bite.

His kind is so willing to get sacrificed for a Giant's hunger. Curious. "Do you like the thought of getting eaten?" "It looks like you're gazing into my eyes as I get closer, and closer, and closer to eating you"

"Shall I keep biting around you? Shall I save you for last?" I think so - only because you're cute! Katelyn's lips gently smack together, sounding louder to the shrunken man the closer she gets. She tries to keep the crumbs from sticking to her big, perfectly moisturized lips, swirling her tongue around them after some bites of the cake.

Curious, Katelyn opens her mouth with chewed food (at 15:15) "Let's see if this makes you want to run away." The shrunken man pridefully stays put on the last bite of her lemon loaf, longing to be sacrificed for the Goddess's hunger.

"Welcome into my mouth"

A single drop of saliva perfectly drips from her bottom lip in one short strand of saliva as she opens her mouth, letting the shrunken man survive for a few more seconds. She carefully melts the cake around him with her saliva and then uses her tongue to slide him to the safe spot between her lips while he's oh-so-close to getting chewed alive. She saves him for last - to swallow whole. The shrunken man's life is now complete.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:14 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, shrunken man, breast held, cleavage, eating, chewing, cake, burping, hiccuping, belly, close up, mouth, lips, open mouth, tongue, uvula, bra, robe, kitchen, fetish, giantess katelyn, katelyn brooks

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