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Bowl of Terror

Welcome to Charley’s bowl and the resulting 30 minute vore-athon!

Charley has gathered up twenty tiny victims. With no pockets in her tiny dress, they’ve been stuffed and squeezed between her tits for storage. Leaning over a large glass bowl, she tries to scoop them out of her tits. Her boobs are just tooo big and squeezed so tight in that tiny dress, that she has no choice other that to release her tits from the constraints of that tight dress as the people are dropped into the bowl.

Charley peers down at the twenty tiny victims. She has a giant appetite for tinies! Selecting her first group of victims from the bowl into the palm of her hand. One by one she peers down and selects each victim in turn. Explaining her delight as she feels each person slip down her throat. There's no meal quite as satisfying as one which screams and tries to fight for their life before they end up in her stomach.

With her first five victims safely struggling in her stomach, she decides to go for a nap while she begins the digestion process.

She returns, this time only wearing underwear, when she discovers her remaining food, decided not to remain in the bowl for her return!

A short hunt ensues with some accidentally crushed under her ass as she finds and corners the remaining people.

Stretching back and easing herself out of the constraints of her bra, she drops people in-between her boobs as she squishes and plays with her boobs, occasionally reaching down to grab pinch fulls of victims to drop into her waiting mouth as she feels them squirm and scream their way into her waiting belly.

Just as the last group are about to be dropped into her mouth for the same fate, she has a change of mind and collects a large yogurt from the kitchen fridge. The people find themselves tipped into the yogurt pot, as a deadly game ensues. One by one they find themselves scooped up and swimming in yogurt as Charley licks and teases the edge of the spoon until the yogurt and tiny end up inside her mouth by either being spooned, licked or tipped inside. It's not long before things get messy and Charley is spilling yogurt all over her tits, licking and messily squishing her tits together.

The last person gets dropped on her boob as she licks him and the yogurt off herself and feels him going inside her with a satisfying gulp.

Delicately tracing her hand from her throat all the way to the bottom of her belly, she feeds herself even more yogurt to fill her tummy up. Now the tinies can last just that little bit longer inside her before they get absorbed into her body and help her boobs grow even bigger.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
32:10 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, screams, lots of shrunken men, between boobs, yogurt, big lips, cleavage, between fingers, inside mouth, panty view, tongue, black dress, red nails, tattooes, escape, butt crush, unaware, palms, boob held, between legs, red panties, eaten from tits,

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