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Smothered by a Giantess and Fucked

I've just returned from smothering one of my female subs – great fun, feeling her squirm and gasp under my ass, but it was missing something, you know? She just wasn't small enough.

Fortunately, I have you! I tease and taunt you, looming over you in my fancy bra and panties before I lower my gorgeous backside onto you, flattening you into my seat cushion and burying your tiny little head between my panty-clad ass cheeks.

Can you still hear me under all that? I hope you can, because while I grind and jiggle on top of you, I'm going to tell you all about how much fun I had smothering that girl – I know you love stories, after all.

Now, take a deep breath, because I'm coming down again. I count the seconds away while you squirm beneath me. Ahh, such a pleasing feeling of control, having your tiny body against me. I scoot back, and run my beautiful soles over your whole body. My big toes are the size of your head. They're long, thick, strong and dextrous, and I have no trouble what-so-ever in gripping your skull between them. ...And I can't help but notice the boner you've sprung for me. Because of course you have.

I pick you up, caress you, even jerk you off a little – just a little, we wouldn't you cumming too soon. Next, it's into my bra, your head sandwiched between my giant tits whilst I squeeze them around you, the straps of my underwear keeping you pinned against my toned body.

You go wherever I want you, little toy, and I want your tiny mouth on my nipple. Mmmh! That's right, kiss it. Suck it – as much you can suck something the size of your whole face. My bra holds you in place, trapped against my tit, until finally, I am tired of foreplay. I am tired of smothering you.

Your giantess goddess is going to fuck you like the plaything you are.

I stand, towering over you as I strip, and then I sit down on you again.

You get flattened and smothered under my bare ass. All I have to do is lean back, and your head vanishes between the huge, silky pillows of my ass cheeks. Your face is right in my asshole, isn't it? ...And my giant pussy is kissing your whole torso, and squeezing its huge, powerful muscles around your cock.

I fuck you backwards and forwards, slowly covering you in my juices as my huge pussy gobbles your dick up and milks it for all its worth.

You've been such good little sex toy.

Better rest now, because before this day is done, I want more.

So. Much. More.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:39 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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