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Biggest, tiny fan

Following an online competition, Charley's biggest fan gets to meet his Goddess. Charley soon finds out that the competition winner who is her biggest also her smallest fan!

Amazed by his size, she talks a lot about the comparison in size she is to him, he isn't even as big as her fingernail. She even gets a little measuring tape out for a truly accurate comparison.

Picking him up to inspect him, she can't help but smell him. Charley can't help but explain how mouth watering he is. His tiny flesh smells delicious. She suddenly realizes she's scaring him and tries to explain that she'll be a nice giant and wouldn't let any harm come to him.

He's not completely convinced about her nice intentions after seeing the hungry way she was looking at him. Charley tries to take his mind off it and takes off her giant size bra as she begins to give him a show, as she plays with her colossal boobs. Lying on the sofa she rests him on her nipple and encourages him to suck on it. He's so small he's completely overwhelmed by the size of even a giants nipple, it's bigger than his entire body.

She slides him down to rest on her belly. Can you hear something down there? Charley can't hear it as she's too big, but is guessing that as he's resting on her belly he can hear what she thinks he'd hear down there....the screams of people trapped inside her tummy who she swallowed well as the grumble of a tummy that need more inside!

She picks him up, wouldn't he like his life to count to something better? Surely consenting to being swallowed by his Goddess is the ultimate act of devotion. He could be part of something better, he could be part of her, nourishing the perfect body of his Goddess. You won't regret your sacrifice.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
21:53 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, fan, shrunken man, size difference, finger nails, cleavage, big boobs, nipples, belly, bra, black hair, stomach, between legs, charley atwell, fetish video

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