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Danielle still has the tiny captain from 'Missing Soldiers' held captive, trapped in her underwear. A new ship arrives, answering the distress call from the first, determine to retrieve the captain. The planes attack her, barely noticed, and getting helplessly lost and trapped against the landscape of her body, until she notices that faint tickling sensation again up her skirt, spots and grabs one of the planes and demands to know what they want.

When she hears their threats she just laughs at the idea of such puny things hurting her, and describes what she did to the last ship and planes who attack her, and how she eventually destroyed that ship. She gives them an ultimatum - if they can make her cum, she’ll return the captain. If not, she’ll destroy all of them in different ways.

Their failed attempts to turn her on makes her tease them against her flesh, traps them against her body, squeezes the ship and toys with the planes, talking about how fragile and useless they are, mocking their efforts and commenting on how she can feel the steel buckling against her power. If they fail to accomplish the ultimatum, she will end them by crushing them in between her boobs, under her ass, under her lovely baresoles and, of course, inside her belly.


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
32:27 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, mouth, saliva, tongue, danielle, maye, licking, shrunken people, soles, feet, ass, slow motion, big boobs, between fingers, blondes, silver fingernails, baresoles, long tongue, barefoot, under foot, crush, buttcrush, tall

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