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Missing Soldiers

Danielle is lounging around when she feels a faint tickling - the tiny people have launched an attack on her with their micro-sized planes! She thinks they're gnats at first, but catches one and inspects it, realizing it's a tiny plane trying to shoot at her. She captures the rest and utterly dominates them, sensuously, taunting the tiny pilots inside with how weak and fragile they are, how their engines are too weak to escape her fingers, and how their are too feeble to do more than slightly stimulate the more... sensitive parts of her body. She holds them up to various parts of her body, commanding them to shoot everything they have at her and mocking their feeble attempts, telling them and showing them how easily she could squash them, smother them or eat them. It's kind of arousing, and as she gets more hot and bothered she traps some of them in her bra and cleavage, where they're utterly dwarfed by her breasts, feeling the fragile planes creaking and buckling under the pressure, and traps more in her panties, to give her more pleasure with their futile efforts. After a while though she gets a bit bored - they're just too small and puny to satisfy her.

Pulling one of the planes out of her bra she commands them to tell her where their mother ship is. Spotting it on the floor she crawls over, utterly dominating the little vessel, taunting and humiliating the tiny captain on board, comparing the ship next to her towering heels. Grabbing the ship she brings it to the bed, sitting down heavily right next to it to show how easily she could flatten them. The ship tries to fight her, but its little are barely more than a tickle to her as she treats the ship just like the planes, taunting and humiliating them, showing how superior every part of her body is to their tiny vessel, trapping it and squeezing it in her curves, rolling over and smothering it into the bed under her breasts until she can feel the hull creaking and buckling under the pressure. Trapping it casually under and between her thighs, where she finally feels a bit of pleasure as its tickle the front of her panties. But as she gets more aroused she can't help but squeeze harder, and oops... the little ship seems to be broken. Frustrated by their pathetic inadequacy, she tucks the ship into her outfit and sets off to find more of the tiny navy to play with...


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
17:55 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
breasts, smothering, mouth, saliva, tongue, licking, shrunken planes, aircraft, soles

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