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Sacrificed to the Ass of a Goddess

Another day, another slave to toy with. You're on my leash, you're on your knees, and it's your turn to serve me. I taunt and tease you with my irresistable ass - I've been working on it lately, can you tell? Lots of squats. It's been getting bigger, thicker, juicier. I rather like it. Don't you? Of course you do. There's one secret ingredient in my diet, though.

Shrunken men. Consumed anally. Yes, Anally. And you're going up my ass too, slave. It's going to digest you. My ass is going to devour you.

Benevolent Goddess that I am, though, I'm going to treat you to a show of the ass you're about to be sacrificed to. The ass you're about to become part of. The ass that you've devoted your life to. Watch it sway, watch it bounce, watch my buns flex. MMH! Bigger! You're going to help make my ass get bigger! Are you ready for it, slave? Look at it!

My bouncy ass cheeks are in your face, I peel off my panties (Well, they're supposed to be panties. They're more like a thong on me now), and you... are now... tiny. Are you even an inch tall? Let's scale you up against my asshole, shall we? My, that ring of muscle sure looks big now, doesn't it? Way bigger than your puny little body. Imagine the squeeze it's going to give you!

...But why rush things? I'm enjoying myself - and maybe you are, too. You might be terrified for all I know, but... it hardly matters now that you're shrunken, does it?

I take a seat right on top of you, and grind your sorry little form under my ass until... My, did you get stuck to my asshole? Or... did you GRAB onto it? Are you eager to get inside?

Taunting you further, I finally push you inside. I can feel your squirms, and you can DEFINITELY feel my ass clamping down around you. Watching your tiny little legs disappear and re-emerge from it is a delight - I flex, you vanish. I relax, your tiny feet are there again.

This play date has to end eventually, though, and with one elegant finger, I plunge you in deeper, to the point of no return. You'll never be seen again, but I can still feel your struggles - at least for a little while. I pleasure myself as you're digested into the newest addition to my hip measurement, and relax in bliss.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
33:00 minutes
2048x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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