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Curious Little Brother gets First Blowjob from Big Sister

Your big sister is highly curious about what you wanted to ask her last night, deeply intrigued by you stopping mid sentence with a severely blushing face followed by rushing out of the room... with a concealed boner. She's the closest person in your life, the one and only you are comfortable to consult in any topic, but after such a big show last night you've topped it off by ignoring her texts inquiring about your question. Now you're faced with two options, both of which have the same end result.

1) Ask her the embarrassing question. Your new girlfriend wants to give you a blowjob, but you're hesitant because you've never had your dick sucked. You want to learn about them before you let her do it and you know your somewhat slutty sister would be excited to explain them to you.

2) Keep avoiding her for as long as you can in hopes she'll let it go which has a one in one million chance of working. You'll have insomnia tonight in fear of her tying you up and playfully interrogating you until you tell her what you wanted to ask. With this method you run the additional risk being forever teased in her sisterly ways.

Your hopes go up when hanging out with your sister without it coming up, but your uncontrollable teen dick starts to get hard when she tells you mom's fast asleep with a busy workday ahead tomorrow. And so it begins. Your college girl sister starts coming on to you guessing what you wanted to ask her, using your natural reactions for insight.

You soon find yourself unable to protest being pressed against her big plush lips getting licked, sucked, and nearly swallowed whole. She simply loves you so incredibly much that using the secret forbidden family power to shrink you down serves as the perfect tool to teach you about blowjobs one on one. She makes you enjoy it... and the extreme size difference means it's not exactly incest, is it?

She admits she finds you attractive and likes feeling shrunken boys ...and girls... in her mouth. Katelyn curls the tip of her tongue up and down, a demonstration of how your girlfriend's tongue will glide up and down your shaft. Sticky saliva strands suckle the entirety of your shrunken body and sex and also serve as your only chance of survival as you slide deeper and deeper into her mouth demonstrating blowjobs. She teases you'll be saying "deeper, deeper" to your girlfriend...

You begin cumming and you're scared for your life at the very same moment your body firmly presses against her uvula. She tastes your cum mixed in with her warm saliva strands and gently pulls you out, barely in time before you would have helplessly slid down her throat. --- She apologizes for nearly swallowing you and congratulates you for cumming in her mouth. ---

After being returned to normal size she says a few INCREDIBLY SEXY things to truly encourage your sexual journey- both with your girlfriend and with your sister Katelyn.

Buy now to get transformed into my brother and share this erotic experience with me! Love, Katelyn <3

PS: This video features slow motion with stunning detail!! You're going to love it!!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
24:22 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
big sister, brother, blowjob, virgin, soft vore, slow motion, macro, close up, pov


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  1. John's Avatar
    This video is awesome. The playful attitude of a sibling is priceless. I look forward to more videos with this character, please.

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