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A Happy Horny Teen's Living Toys: Part 2

In this AMAZING one of a kind video, slow motion and VR are combined to give the weight, movement, and true scale and gigantic motions of a Giantess!! With booming sounds you will be terrified under this schoolgirl giantess as her tiny plaything!

Giantess teen Katelyn's long tongue licks up the windows of your home within the dollhouse. Holding onto her massivie panties she placed inside to keep you warm, you get a full hard-on when the horny teen tells you her mom left for work. The horny teen girl brings you over to her bed and begins rubbing her young plump pussy bulging through her white satin panties.

Your cock throbs in hunger, pressed tightly between the teen's plush thighs while she slips her panties off to the side and reveals a shrunken man in her pre-cum. Her mom gave him to her, both in appology for accidentally eating Jarrod and a reward for her good grades. However, using her living playtoys for her sexual pleasure must be kept a secret... you shudder at what her mom would do to you if she found out.

The giant teen slides a long glass dildo into her tight silky wet sex. The young girl's pussy grows, getting closer and closer and closer to an oh-so-orgasmic explosion of cum. Her moans intensify from every movement of the shrunken man struggling in her tight little sex. Your balls swell with a massive load of cum while releases in an explosion of pleasure. At the very same moment Katelyn arches her back and gyrates her swollen pussy towards the sky with euphoric orgasm while fucking her dildo and the shrunken man deeper and faster with force.

Her beautiful face shines with after-orgasm glow. Blushing cheeks. Open mouth. Big, plush lips. Sultry eyes. You did it! You made your giant girl owner very happy! She is extremely pleased with you!

She savors the moment, smiling, lovingly locking eyes with you and her new living playtoy while cleaning him off with her mouth. He's going to fit in quite well! She heads off to clean herself up in a hot, steamy shower, as you finish licking her dildo clean before her return.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:58 minutes
2880x1440 mp4
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