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A Happy Horny Teen's Living Toys: Part 1 (360 VR)

In this AMAZING one of a kind video, slow motion and VR are combined to give the weight, movement, and true scale and gigantic motions of a Giantess!! With booming sounds you will be terrified under this teen giantess as her tiny plaything!

Giantess teen Katelyn's gigantic feet slam into your home within the dollhouse. Holding onto her massive panties she placed inside to keep you warm, you shake with terror of her giant feet slamming the windows and shaking your world. The teen girl is simply excited that she got good grades and that her Mom is taking her out to eat - but for you, looking up at her gigantic toes pressed against the glass, they seem itching to play with you until you break. You're scared and helpless reactions only fuel her playful nature further.

Fueled by your fear and her own childlike joy over her mother's approval, she reaches in and takes you out of the dollhouse to play with. She licks you and teases you with her mouth, but explains that she's not like her Mom - she won't really eat you. She reassures you that you're safe- and then immediately does EVERYTHING to prove you are absolutely not safe.

She dances around the room with you in her hands, her pigtails flying through the air like massive industrial chains. Her laugh is terrifying, she clearly values your life as only a mere plaything. She places you deep in her shag carpet and dances around you, nearly crushing you over and over under her towering bare feet and incredible weight. Your fear fuels her fun and soon you're up her skirt and watching helplessly as she masturbates in front of you. If her Mom ever found out she was using her living toys for her sexual pleasure... you shudder at the thought of what her Mom would do to you.

Hearing her Mom calling her name, she ignores her and continues to lick you over and over, plays with you under her gigantic feet, pushes you up against her pussy as she masturbates to your emotional distress as if your life is just a game. Finally, just when you think you're going to actually die crushed by her powerful young body - she tosses you back in the dollhouse, runs to go have dinner with her Mom and saves you for later.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
25:41 minutes
2880x1440 mp4
teen giantess, gentle giantess, slow motion, mouth, barefeet, crush play, vore, pigtails, licking, tongue, smile, happy, cage, dollhouse, affection, caring, pussy, masturbation, panties, upskirt, thong, body exploration, POV, VR, 360, giantess, stomp, pla

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