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Owned by a Loving Camgirl

Katelyn is the best camgirl ever and you know it! There’s no one else in the world you’d rather spend your time with or any other girl you’d rather be enslaved to and live shrunken and in her protection. When your schedules finally line up you hop on cam with her and so begins your late night adventure together!

Moisturizing her hands, she lovingly describes every detail of her soft hands and how you’d feel being owned, massaged, and protected by everything from her palms to her fingertips! Using a shrunken figure as an example, you can tell she means every last word from the heart - this is her fetish too after all! You can already feel the stress of your tiny life melting away in her giant palms.

Just as you think your heart or your cock couldn’t fall any more in love, Katelyn’s gigantic boobs are bouncing and jiggling in your face and the tiny shrunken figure is deep within her bralette! You want this to be your new life so badly! Slowly she works you through every sensation your fragile body would be feeling trapped up against her nipple.

You find yourself staring at Katelyn’s lips, mesmerized by her mouth as each word rolls of her beautiful tongue. As if she can sense it miles away or if she naturally hungers for you after being pressed up against her nipple, she licks her lips and asks if you’ve ever thought about being licked up by her giant tongue…

Your face goes red! After teasing you over how entranced you look, Katelyn runs her finger tips along her lips, sucking on her fingers and showing you every gorgeous voluptuous detail of her loving mouth. Soon the shrunken man is between her lips, coated in saliva just as you would be as Katelyn works through her own fantasies of tasting your entire body on her tongue!

Over and over she coats you in saliva, sucking you in and out of her lips, letting you ooze out onto her hand. You’re completely helpless! Sucking you deep inside her mouth she kisses you over and over, her giant red lips washing over you and melting your mind.

After another quick ride in her palm and on her tongue, the cam girl you so deeply love makes you an offer you can’t refuse - to actually become her shrunken pet and be shrunken down in real life!

As she blows you a kiss you know in your heart and in your wallet this won’t be the end!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:56 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, gentle giantess, palm, hands, cleavage, mouth, shrunken man, boobs, tongue, saliva, cam show, fingers, body exploration, protection, love, lips, spit, kissing, fetish video, katelyn brooks, giantess katelyn

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