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I Love Having a Toilet Slave

Look at my naughty slave down under my toilet seat with your mouth wide open just waiting to live in the aroma that comes out of my asshole after a full day of eating fine Mexican food. What am I going to do? Am I going to sit down and torture you with my farts? Am I going to remove the seat from your sky and yank you by you collar and and this chain and shove your head into my ass to suck out every drop of moisture from my panties? Trying so hard not to make them wetter with your saliva as you suck air into your mouth through my panties to swallow the heavenly scented moisture of my farts while cleaning my panties.

Oh right! I almost forgot about the shrunken slave that's been inside of my panties just suffering, squirming, and serving my pussy and asshole until I eat him for desert. Now that I can't feel the other shrunken slaves inside my stomach, you get to watch me lick him in preperation to go down, down, down, into my bile filled with gassy food. I can really feel him squirming against my tongue and I'm enjoying it even more while watching you squirm under my toilet seat. I can feel a fart coming and I want you to think about how close it is to coming out of my ass while I swallow my shrunken man whole and create more gas for you to swallow!

My panties are wet, I'm really horny! After I unleash a massive fart onto your face I'm going to go use my sex slave for an hour food, have some more Mexican food for dinner, and then come back to torture you again. You're going to get to know these panties VERY WELL!! Ohhhh yeah, oooo yeah, it feels really good to pulsate my asshole... pushing this fart out, holding it back in... I love that buildup and seeing your anticipation.

The shrunken man in my belly wasn't squirming around very much until I started clenching my asshole. Maybe he's trying to get out! Maybe he's afraid my body will pull him in that much faster after I release this gass on your face because then there will be more room for him to go down down down. Ohhh yeah! Mhh!! Now I can barely feel him squirming around anymore. He's melting with all that Mexican food inside my belly along with the remains of the slaves I ate earlier! I ate them all in so many different ways!

My fart is almost coming out! It's going to be a real big juicy one! 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!!! OHOHOHO YYEEAAHH! My pussy is pulsating from torturing you. I'm going to put the asshole part of my panties onto your face to make your life a little easier since you're all tied up. Now I'm off to use my sex slave to finish myself off! You have until the morning to finish cleaning my panties, you cute little butt slave!

Video includes three good farts and a countdown to the last one!

Additional 4K version included in download area!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
23:17 minutes
2048x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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