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Wrinkled Soles Worship and Crush

Oh little foot slave... today you're finally going to get to come out of my sock drawer. The only thing you've been able to eat for days is the fuzzies of my -most worn- socks, as they're the easiest to pull off vs my newer pairs. Bet it's been so, incredibly tasty!

I was going to keep you in the drawer longer, but last night someone told me how incredibly detailed my feet are, and that inspired a game I'll now play with you! If you fail to please me, then you are going to get crushed today. Now I'm going to bring you to my bedroom!

The first thing you better do is lick up some of my foot sweat. You look dehydrated down there- you'll need more energy to play this game. Now worship, worship, HUMP, lick, lick, lick the wrinkles of my soles for if you don't please me I WILL CRUSH YOU!!

MMMHH yeahh OHHH you're really going after it good boy!! You absolutely know I -will- bring my big soles down on top of you and crush you like the meaningless person you are to me. WORK FOR YOUR LIFE! Put every single drop of energy into it!! Imagine you're jacked up on coffee- play a psychological trick on yourself! Worship me, bitch! Get on your hands and knees and WORSHIP ME, bitch!

... HAHAHAHA you're SHIT OUTTA LUCK because what I'm craving the most right now is a really good crush and you're just a fucking TOY TO ME! Oh boy do you feel good between all of my foot wrinkles or what! Mhhh, OHHH, YESSS, fuckkk!! *I rub my soles together, crushing you in between them*

Features: 100% pov, shrunken foot slave, dominance, wrinkly soles worship, foot torture, slight humiliation, crush between curvy bare soles, remains on soles dialogue!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:01 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, close up, shrunken, foot slave, wrinkly soles, foot crush, between soles, on feet, sock drawer, bare feet, barefoot, short shorts, butt cleavage, belly shirt, dominant, dominance, humiliation, crush fetish, giantess, giantess katelyn, katelyn brooks

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