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Shrinking Department

JamesMason0 teams up with EmmaGear to bring you a slice of life story! Kelly is having a bad day, but it gets worse when she finds out she's in danger of being downsized at work. In this world tiny people not only exist, they're completely normal! So normal in fact that every day countless miniature people find their way under bare feet or dropped into hungry mouths!

65 pages of casual tiny destruction! When small people are snacks at best or pests at worst even an average work day can become exciting! Foot crush abound with a healthy sprinkling of vore wrapped around the story of an ordinary day in this world!

♥ 65 pages featuring high quality renders from JamesMason0!
♥ Every page features text written by EmmaGear!
♥ Casual, thoughtless destruction of tiny lives!
♥ Tiny people aren't the only ones with problems. Kelly is in danger of being downsized!
♥ ...But that doesn't mean she sympathizes with the tinies!
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Product Details:
Producer: EmmaGear
65 HQ Photos
comic, story, EmmaGear, Emma_Gear, JamesMason0, JM0, shrunken man, shrunken woman, crush, blood, vore, casual crush, office, foot crush, violence, violent, giantess, bare feet, barefoot, glasses, cruel, hard vore


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  1. Zetro's Avatar
    Excellent comic and pictures - Feet (bare foot and shoe) oriented with a lot of Vore and other items sprinkled throughout. James is one of the best at Evil rendering in the business and Emma's story put it all together. Well worth the purchase, it is obvious they spent a lot of time on this. Well done!

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