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Your Final Destination

You have a new purpose of life today. I kept you around the longest since you're my pussy slave, but now you're the last shrunken slave I have! You see, all of my camera equipment is set up, but today I've been experiencing some pre-shoot anxiety, so I drank an entire 9% beer within a minute and now I need something to soak up some of the alcohol before I start shooting.

For you, that means instead of continuing to live in my panty drawer, going past my uvula will be your final destination. *Katelyn opens her mouth and teases her shrunken slave* To think, this is what your fate is, after all those times nearly drowning in my pussy juices and getting playfully, lovingly tormented!

You started off as a slave and became a "pet" after a while of seeing your true obedience. That's why I'm giving you a wonderful full body tease before I swallow you! You know it's a privilege you're going to become one with me... look at this body, what my genetics gave me- I don't even work out! You're going to become one with a superior body!

After I finish shooting, I'm going to go shrink down one of my neighbors. I'll need new shrunken slaves, after all. *Katelyn opens her window looking down upon a development of houses below and jokes they are peasants* If I could shrink houses too, I'd shrink the white one because it reminds me of a model scale house. Whoever lives there will be shrunken and in my room tonight!

Oh I'm salivating at the thought of swallowing you and shrinking my neigbors! *Gives slave a mouth tease, also kisses and licks the window looking down on the houses, which gives a teasey close-to-being forced perspective Giantess view.

I better start shooting because the natural day light is fading away as the sun sets, so that means into my belly you go! *Katelyn gives you a 45 second mouth tease and swallows you whole!*


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:39 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
pov, handheld, mouth cam, tongue, belly, lips, forced perspective, uvula, short shorts

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