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Giantess Katelyn's Live-at-Home Foot Slave Training

It's your first week living as my -a rich girl's- in-home slave and today you're going to learn how to serve my divine soles with your lips, tongue, and throat. My foot will be in your mouth while I masturbate with a shrunken man and you will to jerk off to my orders. Let's start- now breath in the scent of my divine soles so I can feel it!

Good! Now pucker your lips and keep them that way. Good! ... Now lick the balls of my foot like you would lick my pussy. ... Oooh yes, you're a natural! ... Now open your mouth and widen it with your tongue ever so slighty out past your bottom lip. ... OOHHH YESSS! I can feel your tonsils and you're not even gagging. Now that makes me want to CUM!!!

You are allowed to start edging that big dick of yours -which I might use as a sex toy some day- while you serve my feet, to my command, but don't you dare cum yet! Now stop stoking. Look at my pussy while I masturbate, try not to gaze upon the magnificent shapes, curves, and details of my perfect feet. You're aching to stroke again - now stoke!

I'm going to bring myself to climax while you continue sucking on my toes and foot however I move it around your mouth and your entire face. Show me what you have, naturally! The way you work your tongue all over my foot makes me curious how it would feel on my pussy!

Katelyn cums from the pleasure of feeling her shrunken sex slave and full size foot slave serve her pussy and bare feet.

I will allow you to lick my pussy clean while you continue jacking off. Don't cum yet, keep licking me clean, stick your tongue nice and deep in my pussy. Good job! Now that I am completely satisfied, and somewhat impressed, you are allowed to jerk to cum starting now, counting down from 20.

Katelyn's slave cums. If he's lucky, she'll throw a nice warm soapy wash cloth in his cage after she takes a luxurious bubble bath.

Note: Camera is manually focused close up so that my feet are in focus every single moment they are in the shot, which is most of the video. You can see the well-lit details of my soles. So, get this if that's what matters the most to you. The rest of my body is not as in-focus as my feet are.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
28:48 minutes
2048x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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