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Overly Effective Growth Serum

Mistress Kawaii took a growth serum to make her -already big- boobs and ass get even bigger. When's it going to kick in? She doesn't notice anything happening, except for a weird side effect... extreme hunger. And I mean, exxxtreme!

She ravenously eats from a bowl of three bags of popcorn- first by chowing into it with her mouth and then by consuming handfuls of popcorn a time. Entire layers disappear within minutes, she lies back on the bed and notices that her legs look longer... her leggings start ripping off her body as she begins to grow.

~~What's going on!?!?!? ~~Riiippp ~~I thought it was just going to make my boobs and my butt to get bigger, but now my entire body is growing!!!!

A few moments of sheer panic pass by into the pleasant fantasy of all of the awesome new things she could do as a giantess. "I'll be this big huge awesome hot bitch with huge tits and gigantic legs!" She realizes that the more she eats the bigger she'll get, so she starts munching down on more popcorn while exclaiming "grow bigger god damnit! Just keep growing!"

It starts working again and she starts craving more than just popcorn. "When I'm 50 ft tall I could grab a huge skyscraper and get a lot of protein and just pick it up and dump it in my mouth and just eat all of the people that fall out. That's awesome! I hope they all taste as amazing as this popcorn does!" She also fantasizes about eating entire cities!

"I feel like I'm going to burst through this building, I need to stand up!" Kawaii stands up in excitement and anticipation of bursting through the building. She lets a drop of spit slide down in between her massive tits as she voraciously talks about needing eat someone salty and crunchy right now! She's starving and she wants to start getting bigger and bigger!

Features over 100 multicam edits / angle changes! This was a huge project that I think you'll love when you see it! Includes growing out of leggings and sexy strappy cleavage-tacular top, eating to grow, topless, pov, and more! Clip below plays at end of video.

Free mini clip from unused footage!

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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
12:48 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
growth fetish, ripping out of clothes, big boobs, pawg, vore dialogue, giantess fetish

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