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I Crushed My Ex's Toys under My New Sneakers

"Oooo they are hooot... look at my new kicks! Lol he paid $190 for them and he just got them for me a few days before I broke up with him? I can't feel bad because he always wanted to play with his stupid nerdy toys instead of spending time with me. Ohhh I think he gave me a sneaker fetish, I'm totally into these!"

Katelyn admires her new Nike sneakers while putting them on to go work out in them for the first time.

"Look who's calling... it's my little nerdy ex."

Katelyn's ex wants to come by tonight to pick up the antique vintage toys he left in the garage. She tells him she'll put them on the porch and he can pick them up in the morning since she has a date tonight. When he becomes rude with her over his concern about his toys, she curses at him and hangs up.

"Fuck it, I'll work out on his toys instead!"

Katelyn kicks his box of toys across the kitchen floor into the livingroom where she proceeds to empty the box, throw it aside, and start obliterating his precious toys underneath of the sneakers he got her. She lunges, jumps, sits and smashes, kicks, and crushes his toys, getting a workout on top of them.

"I wish I could tie my ex up and make him watch me crush his toys while he lies there helplessly! And this is what I'd to to his head... kick it to show him how much I don't care about him any more! Fuck him!"

Afterwards, she gives him a call and tells him they'll be on the porch tonight. He gets jealous when he hears her panting. Is she having sex with her date over the phone? Nope! She tells him she just got back from a run... curses at him and hangs up.

"I'll put all of the broken pieces into a box with packing paper and tape it up really good so he won't know everything's crushed until he gets home and cuts it open!"

Before getting ready for the night, Katelyn calls her date and flirts with him over the phone while she masturbates and tells him what she did to her exes toys!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
22:36 minutes
2048x1080 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sneaker fetish, destruction, crush, masturbation, ex girlfriend, fitness, work out

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