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Hot as Hell 4: Dirty Damnation

Sheela and Cyanide take you into the underworld to see just what happens to the damned, and just how demons operate. This comic is 25 pages of hellish dungeon debauchery.

There's mixed wrestling, size difference, shrinking, smothering, vore and more in this kinky trip to inferno!

♥ 25 pages of crisp 4K, full color fun by Sheela!
♥ Additional written intro page from Cyanide
♥ A glimpse into the workings of Hell itself!
♥ Dangerous girls with dangerous curves - mixed wrestling and deadly thighs!
♥ Lesbians playing with tiny toys - and eachother!
♥ Facesitting, vore and exotic tongue action!
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Product Details:
Producer: Sheela
25 HQ Photos
3333x4000 .pdf
comic, sheela, cyanide, tits, breasts, boobs, Shrunken Man, Shrunken Woman, Shrinking, Breast Envy, Mixed Wrestling, Facesitting, Vore, Lesbian, Couples, tongue, oral, scissors, maw shots, uvula, demons, hell, demoness, monstergirl, blonde, bimbo, essex g

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