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360 VR Found a Shrunken Perv in My Ass Crack

What is that itching? Maybe I just forgot to use some fabric softener? Maybe the bench at the gym was really dirty? It's hard to turn far enough to look at my ass crack... but it feels like something back there is moving around. It's so weird.

Since it's ideal to eat protein right after I workout, I'll have a protein bar before my shower, but I need to do a little more investigation of this ass crack itching. ...Are you serious?!?!?! There's a shrunken man in my ass?!?!!

I recognize you from the gym, you're the one who's always checking me out. You must have gotten your hands on a shrinking potion. Ever since they developed a shrinking potion, It's not too rare that a pervy guy gets his hands on one to get close to a hot girl like myself.

Well, you know what? Maybe I should eat you before I rip into this protein bar. I only had a tiny tiny snack before the gym and I've always wondered what it'd be like to swallow a tiny person. I mean, I do like swallowing bugs after all.

Who knows if you'll survive getting swallowed and going through my digestive system? I don't know if that's yet been studied, but if you make out out alive, maybe I'll keep you as a personal little vibrator. Your squirmy body did feel good between my booty cheeks.

I'm going to give you a taste. OOoo I like how you feel in my mouth! Since this might be the end of your life, I'll give you a nice booty tease before I swallow you whole. How's that? Ohhh yeah, look at my booty! Seems like your pervy pland kinda worked out after all... Bow down and worship my booty haha!!

Do you want to get swallowed alive just for the chance to be kept as my little sex toy? You know, if you don't make it out alive, my body is going to absorb the nutrition from eating you. Let's give you one more lick and then you're going to get swallowed. Handsome little pervert, in you go! ~Aah~

The video ends with a loud gulp and then an HD shot/window appears. Katelyn rubs her belly as it makes digestive sounds, she talks about how he feels inside of her and then walks out of the pantry with a protein bar. Enjoy giantess voice enhancement throughout the VR pov shot. For the in mouth shot, the camera was held at a different angle than usual- against side of the mouth to give a view of Katelyn's tongue and uvula on one side of the lens instead of split across the stitch line like usual. This was a unique shot for this video, feel free to give me feedback about it.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:57 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Includes 4K Download!
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  1. Cody's Avatar
    Love the 360 video's! Beautiful POV with that ass and even better when eaten up! The mouth shot was incredible! It was sexy to see your uvula and back of your throat with that shot! Not to mention the 4k is fantastic! I can't wait to see more of this style of video from you! Thank you Katelyn ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/wink.png
  2. Chuck's Avatar
    Despite not being that much into asses... Well, this was a pretty nice 360 ass video. The start kinda got me by surprise, in a good way, and I like that it doesn't rush at all before the discovery, takes time to lose yourself in that view - and my, you got a lot of goods there in storage! But of course, the best parts for me where the mouth ones. I think the in mouth shots came pretty well, I'm not that much into 360 videos either, but letting you see the uvula is a nice touch when many videos end before you can see it clearly. Now I wonder how many proteins one tiny has...

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