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Cheating Sister

Beth haven't heard from her brother all day and decides to go into his room. She can't find her brother anywhere, but notices that her brother left his laptop open on his bed. She lays down and suddenly hears a tiny voice. She's in shock when she sees her brother incredible tiny on his computer, asking for help.

She's a bit amused, but decides to help and wants to look for a solution online. But instead she sees a website where he explains all his fantasies of being shrunk and becoming a toy. Beth is intrigued and laughs and teases him of all the things he wants woman to do with him. She reads a couple of fantasies and teases him about it.

She selects three fantasies she will act out. He tells her he doesn't want his sister to do those things to him, but she just tells him that he doesn't have a choice anymore. Besides, he will like being at her mercy as she begins acting out his fantasies.

First she uses him as a candy, sucking and playing with him. There's nothing he can do as she teases him with her tantalizing tongue and saliva.

Then she uses him as a sextoy, guiding him all over her body and finally using him, all the while telling him this is his fantasy and he should enjoy it.

Finally she sits back up and toys with him a bit. She admits she knew about his fantasies and put a potion in his meal and can’t help but to laugh as he gets angry, telling him he should be glad he has a sister who wants to indulge his fantasies. Finally she explains that he's very durable, so that'll make his biggest fantasy possible.

He's scared as he knows she'll eat him. She comforts him that he won't be digested, but it'll be a very humiliating experience as she puts him in her mouth and teases him even more before swallowing him alive. She enjoys his struggles and even drinks a glass of water and moves her body so he gets sloshed inside and eventually digested.


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
23:09 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
sister, brother, shrunken, big lips, sucking, slow motion, close up, mouth, masturbation, inside panties, saliva, tease, prop, blonde, tongue, taboo, blue eyes, inside bra, purple, short shorts, Rated Raw, Beth Bennett


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  1. Tasty's Avatar
    A stunning video with the amazingly talented Beth. She's fantastic at the role play and is truly beautiful. Beth's mouth is simply divine and it would be a genuine privilege to be gobbled up by this blonde beauty.

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