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Invasion of the Undersea Leviathans 2

Even though the Leviathans laugh at mankind’s most destructive weapon, they know that mankind won’t give up so easily. They launch an evil plot where they tie tiny survivors around many areas of their bodies, from sexiest to smelliest! They’re daring any human reinforcements to kill their own comrades whilst attacking the Leviathans. What will the captives experience during this latest escalation? What's the big, powerful, new weapon that mankind finished developing, just barely in time before battle? Find out all the answers in the second issue of “Invasion of the Undersea Leviathans”!

♥ The story continues! 26 pages of action packed artwork by Maskray!
♥ Tiny survivors get tied to the Leviathans' sexually sensitive areas!
♥ Not for the faint of heart! Grusome battle, crushed corpses, rancid smells.
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Product Details:
Producer: Maskray
26 HQ Photos
comic, giantess, smelly soles, destruction, pussy, asshole, crush, gore, tied, battle

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