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Fucking the Empire State Building for Christmas

Open your eyes, shrunken lover. Look at what I brought home today as one of my Christmas presents (the Empire State Building), and as one of your Christmas presents I'm going to let you watch me masturbate with this entire skyskraper at my mercy. I can hear them screaming when I bring them up close to my ear! Ohh!!

Some of you are going to survive and those who do, I'm going to keep as my new sex slaves. And those of you who don't survive, well, I'll finish you off underneath of my perfect foot. Ohhh!! It's so terrifying, being so incredibly tiny that I could crush all of you in this building by squeezing my toes at this very moment if I wanted to.

That might happen when I build myself up to orgasm and my pussy walls clench around the entire building. I'm so incredibly horny! Let's begin! ~Katelyn laps the skyscraper with her tongue and moans~

You look a little jealous down there, shrunken one. Well, you know all about my hypersexuality - it'll be your turn tonight. Until then, just enjoy the show!

I'm so wet! Just listen to that! That's where you're going! I wonder how far, how deep your building will slide into my pussy!

~Katelyn masturbates with the shrunken Empire State Building~

Ohh yesss, ohhh, ahh, mmhhhhhhh!! I'm sitting on this building and swallowing it with my pussy!! Uuhhyeahh! I can feel some of them pressed between the walls of my pussy and the walls of the skyscraper! Fuck yeahhhhhhhh!

~Katelyn has a real orgasm while masturbating with the Empire State Building!~

Tonight it's your turn and I'll take me time with you too. We can edge ourselves together and have a huge orgasm and then work ourselves back up again for another orgasm. I'm going to leave you right here on my bed and you can just wait for me to come back!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:03 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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