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Ass Candid Package 2

FIVE ass pov videos for only 9.99! The first four videos are girl next door style with low wide angles that deliver a fully immersive experience of being underneath of my phat booty. Music plays in the background of each one with no dialogue. The fifth video features an asshole slave scenario with giantess voice sound effects.

1) Ass Candid Club - 3:03
2) Walk that Booty - 2:30
3) Lookin' from the Ledge - 4:08
4) Booty Boom - 1:29
5) Testing the New Ass Gas Chamber - 3:29 - Asshole slave scenario

Total Minutes: 14:41 - 5 videos in a .zip, move them out to enjoy

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To be continued!...


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:41 minutes
.zip 1920x1080
close up, pov, under ass, booty, thong, dancing, ass crack, ass cheeks, asshole, tease, walking, ass, wide angle, go pro, asshole fetish, toilet slave, torture, tortured, giantess katelyn, katelyn brooks

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