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Exotic Diet

Danielle is a well known model from London, and so is her genuine hobby: shrinking people, specially tourists as they are hard to track down once they disappear! This time she has shrunken a couple at a grocery store near Liverpool Street and bring them home with her.

Once in her power, the couple would live the last hour of their lives being phisically and mentally tortured by her psycho captor. She will make sure they cry for their lives, beg to see their kids again and even finally surrender to her will. Which is no other thing than ripping their lifes apart.

One of them may survive, though. But who? Danielle will torture the couple with the idea of eating and digesting one of them while the other gets to listen the screams of his/her beloved one from inside Danielle’s tummy. For vore and good dialogues lovers, this is a must. If you liked “Psychological Torture” you’ll love this one. ASMR, close-ups, slow-mo and a beautiful long tongue. What else can you ask for? ^^


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
20:11 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Danielle Maye, vore, slow motion, saliva, tongue, licking, shrunken women, inside mouth

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