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Angelical Torment

An angel has come down from the clouds to find out what all this noise is underneath her, and is surprised to find people that had the nerve to build a village underneath her. But she decides it's no big deal because she can just eat them. Her belly is pretty grumbly after all. So she stomps and rampages through the village, chomping, gulping, swallowing.

She will torment and torment all of them, but everybody gets swallowed alive. She also saves a few so she can bake them into a human pie later. At the end she is rubbing her full, satisfied belly, while sucking a few of her fingers clean, and talking about how full and satisfied her belly is, also laughing at the foolish villagers who all ended up in her belly. Then the last remaining villager comes up. He was out for a walk in the woods and has just returned. What can happen to this last tiny villager? His fate may be beyond the clouds...


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
46:16 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Beth Bennett, saliva, vore, tongue, shrunken people, playful, giantess voice sound effect

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