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Sacrifice Yourself to a Vore Goddess

At the feet of a vore Goddess, Ava looks down at her sacrificial offering. It's pleasing to a Goddess to have a human who will give himself, fully and completely to a God. Your Goddess want to hear you say it, say that you are willingly giving yourself to her.

Lifting you up, Ava is pleased with you act of total devotion, you will become part of something much bigger that what your small life on it's own would be. You are going to be inside your Goddess, consumed to be a part of your God. She opens up her mouth with a moan, as you see inside her alter of sacrifice, you can only imagine the amount of lives that have slipped over the edge and inside this Goddess.

Ava demands that you beg, you beg her to consume you, beg her to end your life by taking you inside her... good boy!

Once she takes on inside her, you will be a part of her forever. Dropped into her mouth as the Goddess moans in pleasure and anticipation of feeling another human willingly slip over the edge and inside his Goddess.

However, as her sacrifice gets closer to his destiny, he’s only human and his instinct for survival kicks in. He tries to grip onto the wetness of her tongue in a last minute change of mind. Whether he’s willing or not willing, it’s too late to change his fate now. One way or another he’s going inside. His Goddess enjoys his struggles, he just can’t oppose the power and size of a Goddess as he slips to the back of her tongue as he struggles and screams, as she sends him down her throat with ease.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
12:24 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Mistress Ava Black, vore, sacrifice, boots, gloves, pov, ebony, red lips, under boots

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