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360 VR Giantess Raquel's Ass Crack Slave

I feel something slipping and sliding in my ass crack... oh wait, that's my previous little ass slave wedged in between my sweaty sweaty cheeks! Lets get you out and investigate how my sweaty ass looks huh?

Look at those ass cheeks just glistening and you were loged in between them suffocating on my sweat. You joyfully suffered in there, squat after squat, as I got my booty workout in for the day.

You love being squashed, squeezed, and wedged in between sweaty asses don't you huh? You're looking at my big sweaty cheeks and begging to be crushed and anhialated by them. Ohhh, don't worry, it'll be lights out for you before you know it!

If I really wanted to, I could put the full weight of my ass right ontop of your little tiny pipsqueak body and squash you flat! You know you would love that you little pervert! Oh and by the way how does my ass smell? Stentchy?!

Why don't we just cover you for a second with my yoga pants... and my panties... awh need some oxygen?! That's too bad! I'm just so fascinated with how tiny you are that I'm going to store you away and keep you forever. This jar will suffice for now until I shove you in my asscrack again later!

Priced at only $7.99 because the video turned out to be dark. (You can see this in the .gif)

New to 360 VR video? Click here to download Theta Spherical Viewer for PC or Click here to download GoPro VR Player. Install it. Open it. Follow the instructions to drag and drop (or open) the 366 VR video. Click and drag on the video, zoom in or out, when it plays to enjoy the 360 degrees!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
8:09 minutes
1920x960 mp4
Raquel Roper, 360 VR, ass crack, ass cheeks, pink thong, white yoga pants, pov, tease, sweat, glass jar, soles, barefoot, bare feet, bangs, sports bra, butt, booty, pantiless, thong fetish, bent over, all fours, legs spread, shaking ass, inside jar, vr360

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