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Big Sis gets what She Wants

Big Sis gets what She Wants Ava is working late on her desk but she can't concentrate. Her brother recently got a shrinking virus and he is standing very tiny on her desk, since they agreed she would take care of him untill it wears off. Ava recently got some thoughts of playing with her shrunken brother, but until now she could contain herself.

But that doesn't mean she doesn't mess with him all the time. This time it's no different as she teases him about his condition and how he likes being his sisters toy. She's snacking on some fruit and asks if he wants some. She bites her lip as she takes his shrunken body and drops him in the bowl. She laughs as he struggles in her bowl as she takes some more fruit.

After a while she helps him by putting him on her fork and taking him out. But instead of putting him back on the table she teases him how he might be a great snack as well. There's nothing he can do as she slowly brings her fork towards her mouth and puts her brother in. She toys with him in her mouth, enjoying his flavour untill she dumps him back in her bowl. She repeats this process a couple of times, sometimes she mixes him with some fruit, sometimes she toys with him by licking him and sucking on him.

All this power over her shrunken brother arouses her. She slowly begins to touch herself until she can't contain herself and takes his body to her bedroom. Ava lays down and feels a little guilty as she guides his body towards her tits and belly untill she reaches her sex. Slowly she puts him in and masturbates with his body. When she's done she takes him out for a bit to tease him and tells him he can sleep inside her tonight as she lowers him again and puts him inside of her.

The next day she's preparing herself some cereal and feels her brother squirming inside of her. She smiles and takes him out and asks if he had a good night. Again, she apologies, but decides to continue her teasing as she drops him in her breakfast. She dunks him in and scoops him up, teasing him some more. She talks a bit of how he would feel to be swallowed as a snack. Finally she decided to give him a choice. Ava puts him in her mouth.


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Producer: Rated Raw
36:46 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Ava Austen, close up pussy, insertion, masturbation, orgasm, sister, brother, shrunken man

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