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2 Video Package by Rated Raw

A package containing two videos by Rated Raw- "Doomed" + 360 VR "Souvenir or Snack"

Souvenir or Snack

Where's your wife? That's the first question you ask Goddess Vicky Vixx when she finds you on the hallway of the hotel she's staying at. She may knows it, but she'll only tell you if you behave and play with her a little bit. You're just too tiny to complain and right now Vicky is your best choice to get back to your wife again.

Does a footrub sound good? Vicky's soles are soared and needs some care... would you do it for her? Maybe she'll tell you where your wife is if you do it properly...

Anyways, stop crying. Vicky's gonna let you see your wife again. Yes, she is that merciful. By the way, did she told you she is inside her stomach? Well, that's where you're going, maybe you have a chance to say hello before she gets digested! Now, for a little tease, why don't you enjoy being Vicky's food for a little before taking the road down to her belly.


You are trapped among your family and friends inside a jar at Stella Liberty's mercy. There's no escape. Your fate is already sealed in the depths of her stomach, but is not even over yet: Stella has a nice present for all of you. Saliva. A sea of saliva. She likes to play with her little microscopic food and so she does. One by one, she will pick you up and tease you while she keep the others inside te jar entertained swimming in her spit. How does that sound? Sinking in sticky saliva while you await your death in a sea of gastric juices?

Sounds like heaven to me.


Total Duration: 17:11
Souvenir or Snack: 9:00
Doomed: 8:10

Note: Please remove the videos from the .zip folder by using click-and-drag or the method of your choice. They won't play from within the .zip folder, they need to be moved out.


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
17:11 minutes
x zip
360 vr, soles, vore, found, blonde, manicure, between fingers, husband, wife, rings

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