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Killing you Softly

Mistress Ava Black arrives home with her unfortunate victim stored in her cleavage. Unfortunately for him, he tried to tell Ava off for smoking in a non-smoking restaurant, not knowing she has the power to shrink people, coupled with a sadistic disregard for other people.

He finds himself on Ava's table as she slowly covers him in an avalanche of tobacco as she rolls him up into a cigarette. Her giant, soft lips will kill him as she gently draws in thick, pillows of smoke to literally drown her victim in her breath.

Ava sensually drags smoke through the cigarette and over his body, for him to just about catch his breath before she exhales her smoke over him. Amused as the burning cigarette getting closer and closer to his legs she sensually smokes whilst he fights for his life.

With her final drag she's surprised to see he's still alive. Stubbing him out in her ashtray she plucks the surprisingly durable little man from the ashes. However he's not durable enough not to have his body and legs broken when he's dropped to the floor.

Peering down at her helpless, injured victim, Ava almost does him a favour as her foot comes down on him to grind what remained of his life, out under her high heel like the worthless trash he is.


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
13:45 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
smoking, cigarette, african american, pov, lips, fingers, mouth, boobheld, crush

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