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My Shrunken Shit Slave

BRAVO, SHIT SLAVE, your Goddess is pleased with how pristine and clean your cage is. I'm impressed how many bones you were able to dig out of your "dinner" from last night for my digested slave remains collection.

I'll use the toilet this time... but wait! Oh my, that reeks! I can smell the potent stench of my asshole just from pulling my panties down... I'm coming back over to you... you must be terrified!!!

*Katelyn sits ontop of the slave's tiny cage* You signed up to be my shrunken shit slave for life. You will never be adult sized again and if you ever try to get away I'll crush you into mere specs of unrecognizable remains!

Your purpose of life is to serve my every command. Now worship my ass before I place my new commode, for my Goddess comfort, over your cage and put you to work! Go ahead and get your dick out. Start jacking off!

*Katelyn teases her shrunken shit slave with her panty clad ass and asshole* I'm really turned on from torturing you! *Katelyn starts masturbating* I'm going to save my orgasm for my sex slaves. Oh, are you jealous of them?

If you continue to do a good job then maybe I'll let you lick my asshole clean next time! If you start becoming a bad slave then I'll shove you in my colon and you will eat my shit from within me. I won't let you out until I feel like I don't need to shit anymore!

In tonight's dinner, you will find entire digested slave remain skelletons, instead of individual bones, as a result of my newest spell. I look forward to seeing what they look like! I'm so horny and I really have to shit! OPEN YOUR MOUTH, HERE IT COMES!

**There is no physical scat in this video - just scat fetish dialogue and expressions** Has one fart.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:52 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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