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Katie: Episode 5

Eric's starting to believe he can adjust to anything. He's taped to the sole of Katie's boot, being pounded against the street, and even that eventually became normal. The violence, the death... Katie crushes his kind like insects. She rips them to bits in her hands. It's horrid and grotesque, but it's reality. It's what Katie does, and she needs a new group of Littles so that she doesn't do it to him. All he can do is watch as she captures them, as she hurts them, as she teaches them their place and shows them where they belong. Under her boot.

♥ Katie introduces her new Littles to cruel reality.
♥ Her merciless boots end their lives while she laughs.
♥ Exquisite verbal humiliation--Worthless Little nothings.
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Product Details:
Producer: SorenZer0
30 HQ Photos
SorenZer0, Kaneda, boots, crush, shrunken people, pov, comic, story, poser, artwork, verbal, sadistic, blue eyes, shrunken man, shrunken men, shrunken woman, shrunken woman, handheld, cruel, treads, nylons, jeans, arm warmers, between fingers, gore

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