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I've become Comfortable Burping around You

**B*U*R*P** I've become really comfortable letting my burps out around you ever since you made it so obvious how much you like it after telling me about your fetish. **B*U*R*P** ~~Moan~~ **B*U*R*P** Do you see how my stomach contracts as the gas works its way back up and out of my body? I like to push and squeeze the gas out before it builds up too much. **B*U*R*P** And "this" kind of drink produces a LOT of gas!

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside of a girl's mouth when she burps? **B*U*R*P** Can you see? **B*U*R*P** I'm going to come over there and let you look into my mouth up close and burp all over your handsome face! **B*U*R*P**

~~Moan~~ Look into my mouth as close up and deep inside as you'd like!

Katelyn burps dozens of times from both face-to-face distance and looking far into her mouth back to seeing how her uvula moves when she burps.

LMAO ... it looks like you came!!!!!!!!! ~~Moan~~ I think I should make you a video to enjoy later as well!!!!!

Katelyn records a burping video with her cell phone. In this video, you get to see her cleavage and undercleavage and she tells you not to look down, save the surprise! She gives a final 10 burps to end it and then sends it to you. Video attached at end of clip, unedited- like it come!

LOTS of burps! Flirty dialogue and vibe! Cell phone video is attached at the end for FREE! ~.^ It plays from 13:43- 16:12. (Whole video is priced at only 13.5 min) Thank you for supporting my work and I hope you enjoy! <3


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:12 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
burping, uvula, close up, schoolgirl, pov, pigtails, cleavage, under boob, cheerleader

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