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Goddess Brooke

You're all going to be consumed down into my body and become a part of me. You've all had very great lives living as my personal slaves- you've been gloriously worshipping me ever since I shrank you down. Now you'll all have one last opportunity to worship and be close to your favorite part of my body before I swallow you whole. Who wants to go first?

You! ... Worship my sole. I know you love licking and massaging any part of my body. Go ahead and bathe in the sweat of my foot and enjoy it while you can because you will be swallowed and become a part of me very soon.

Now, as for you, you can worship my leg and view the rest of my body from your prespective. Worship my body to your heart's desire, lucky one, for soon you will be asimilated into my body.

And another! Flourish in the amazing moment of being face down on the silky soft Goddess skin of my thigh.

And next... lick and massage and wallow in the crease between my thigh and my hip. I know how you enjoy being pressed into my goddess curves.

You are next! I think I'll give you the luckiest spot- right in between my legs! You just enjoy yourself there!

Isn't this a great last hurrah? Enjoy it while it lasts- you're all doing a very good job of worshipping your Goddess. Feel the warmth of my body!

Okay, my last slave... you get to have the most play time with my mouth. Let's begin! Are you ready to worship my Goddess lips and tongue?

Each shrunken slave gets a sexy tease while getting closer and closer into Brooke's mouth before finally getting swallowed whole.

Features high-quality deep pov endoscope/mouth cam for every swallow- see Brooke's uvula close up and look down the beginning of her throat! Also features a stomach view after every swallow with digestion sounds! Lots of sexy, Goddess, worship, digestion, vore fantasy dialogue. Subtle Giantess voice sound effect throughout.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
19:20 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
vore, mouth cam, endoscope, digestion sounds, nudity, belly, close up, digestion dialogue, high heels, pussy, nipple, pov, shrunken man, shrunken woman, giantess fetish, worship, full spread, topless, small boobs, tits, brunette, red lips, mouth, tongue,

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