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Nadia has come to her ex-boyfriend place to pick up some things of hers. To her surprise, it wasn't her ex but his new girlfriend who was waiting for her at home. Liz has a plan, and Nadia won't like it.

By the time John (Nadia's ex) come back home she is already shrunken down and kept inside her sandals. Below Liz baresoles. John asks for her ex but Liz tell him she didn't come. When John enters his room to take a nap is the perfect time for Liz to play with her new toy. She knows she has a long tongue and she can't wait to see Nadia's reaction when she tells her what's about to happen. Liz is going to eat her little prisoner while John is sleeping just next door. She can scream all she want, her ex boyfriend will never hear her.

But before that, there's time to play. She starts masturbating with Nadia's little body and gets so aroused that she needs to get laid. That's why after some teasing she decides to put her prey in the fridge and save her for dinner.

Right after having sex with John, Liz needs a snack. She goes to the fridge and what she finds? Nadia, of course! Time to go little slut!


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Product Details:
Producer: Rated Raw
15:44 minutes
1280x720 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
shrunken woman, saliva, pussy, licking, mouth, masturbation, big nipples, rated raw

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