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HS Slut's Jock: Part 2

(Whispering) Darn it! I just heard my parents come home, so I'm going to have to hide you in my panty drawer for now. *Quietly moans* I can feel you kicking and squirming against my fingers and I really really really wanna feel that against my pussssaaay. I'm so so so silky wet with pre-cum. Maybe just a little... I'm going to give you taste my pussy! Get ready for it, ohhhh yeah, ohhhhhhhhh!! You're so tiny and I'm so wet that I almost lost you for a second. Ohhhhh!!! I can't ssssstop... I'm gonna cummm!!! *Katelyn masturbates with the shrunken jock at the risk of getting caught by her mother!*

Click here for Part 1 (Spit & Mouth)
Click here for the whole video


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:18 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
schoolgirl, upskirt, masturbation, close up, in panties, cum strings, shrunken man

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