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HS Slut's Jock

Now that I have you sedated for calling me a slut -over the microphone- at today's game, we're going to play a game of mine. It's very simple- I'm going to spit in this cup and you're going to drink it. If you don't, I'm going to shrink you and you'll be mine for the rest of your life or until I get bored of you. *Starts spitting into a glass cup*

What a situation you got yourself into... you thought you were coming over to get some pussy?! Maybe after you drink my spit I'll bring you up to my room and do very, very naughty things to your body! >:D Will you drink my spit to be able to fuck me? HAHA!! *Continues spitting*

You want the antidote and to fuck me? Open wide and DRINK every drop of my spit! I've prepared your dinner!

It looks like you're too sedated to do it without my help! Haha! This was a lose lose situation from the start and now look at you starting to shrink from drinking some of my spit!

Now that you're shrunken we're going to play a new game and you're really going to like this one! It's simple! I'm going to put you in my mouth and get you off with my tongue, my handsome little jock! Let's begin! *Moans, licks, makes little jock cum*

(End of Part 1) Now it's my turn to cum! (Cont. in Part 2)

(Whispering) Darn it! I just heard my parents come home, so I'm going to have to hide you in my panty drawer for now. *Quietly moans* I can feel you kicking and squirming against my fingers and I really really really wanna feel that against my pussssaaay. I'm so so so silky wet with pre-cum. Maybe just a little... I'm going to give you taste my pussy! Get ready for it, ohhhh yeah, ohhhhhhhhh!! You're so tiny and I'm so wet that I almost lost you for a second. Ohhhhh!!! I can't ssssstop... I'm gonna cummm!!! *Katelyn masturbates with the shrunken jock at the risk of getting caught by her mother!*

Click here for just Part 1 (Spit & Mouth)
Click here for just Part 2 (Masturbation) *Release date: 10/8*


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
30:26 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
spit, mouth, tongue, pov, close up, slut, schoolgirl, jock, game, sedated, drink, trapped, pig tails, pigtails, naughty, cleavage, forced, trapped, lips, moaning, bangs, shrunken man, saliva, incentive, fuck, dinner, licking, sucking, in mouth, long tongu

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