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Mommy's Boy

Young mom Dani is enjoying a quiet moment alone, sprawled naked on her bed this morning as her fingers find their way to her pussy as she starts to work herself to orgasm.

She's soon interrupted when she spots her tiny shrunken son spying on her! Naughty boy, watching mommy finger her pussy like that.

Deciding to teach him a lesson by using him to make her pussy cum, he ends up in mom's mouth, squirming around as she drools and moans knowing that soon the same little hands and legs that are kicking and squirming in her mouth, will be inside her to make her pussy cum.

Setting him down, he see's his giant mom looming over him, as she lowers her pussy down on him as he struggles and kicks as he slips into her.

You're nothing but mommy's little fuck toy now!!

When she's done he finds himself fished out, as Dani gentle lick her cum off him. Time for a little nap on her nipple, then when they both wake it it will be time for round two.

In a foolish attempt to avoid his new fate, he makes an ill advised escape attempt. Dani wakes and a chase begins, but ends in him accidentally falling off the bed.

Peering down at him lying there injured, he's no use to her now. It's time he meets the same fate as the other useless bugs she finds in her house.

Features a lot of moaning!


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Product Details:
Producer: Giantess Productions
18:03 minutes
1920x1080 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
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